My research mission is to transform our knowledge of the molecular controls of the tissue fluid homeostasis into treatments for human diseases. We aim to gain more knowledge on development, maintenance, structure, and function of the lymphatic system in various organs, including the heart, brain, eye, intestine, uterus, sinus, and joint by studying the genetic/epigenetic regulations, metabolic impact, mechanotransduction, signaling and cell fate programming and growth of the lymphatic system. Our previous effort has recently been crystalized into novel therapeutics that promote lymphatic growth and activation and we aim to place our thrust to bringing these new modalities to the clinics.

Date Time Room Session/Title Presentation
Presentation Title Role
Sep. 9 (Wed) 16:00-18:00 Symposium 05
17:00-17:20 Fluid Flow-Triggered Activation of Lymphatic Expansion Speaker